Summer Camp Packing by Ogden

posted Jun 3, 2016, 9:27 AM by Jose Estrada   [ updated Aug 17, 2017, 2:15 PM by SE Vogel ]
Please use the list of Summer Camp Essentials to aid you in your packing personal equipment you will need to bring with you to summer camp.  This list is based on the Camp Orr required personal items and input from scouts that have attended past years of summer camp. This is promising to be a really fun year at Camp Orr, as Troop 450 will have 13 scouts attending.
Troop 450 Summer Camp 2016 Camper Essentials
Must Bring:
Necessary medications (CLEARLY LABELED)
Water bottle
Official Scout Uniform with Neckerchief (A)
Troop class B shirt 
T-shirts (6-7)
Shorts (2-3)
Long Pants ** (2)
Long Sleeved Shirt** (2) 
Socks (8-9)
Underwear (6-7)
Bathing Suit(s) always nice to have a dry pair to put on.
Beach Towel
Closed-toe Shoes/Boots (must be broken in) No sandals or open toed shoes
Sleeping Camp Cot
Sleeping Bag & light blanket
Bath Towel
Personal Hygiene Items: Soap in plastic case, toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, deodorant, shampoo, facial tissues, lip balm, Gold Bond Powder
Flashlight Light with Extra batteries
BSA Handbook
Merit Badge Pamphlets: read prior to camp
Notepad & Pens/Pencils
Bug Repellent
Folding Pocket Knife only if you have earned Totin' Chip
Fire'm Chit Card & Totin' Chip Card
Dirty laundry bag
Required for Backpacking Merit Badge
Clothes Line (para cord) to dry wet clothes
Clothes Pins to keep items on line
Plastic clothes hanger- to hang uniform
Spending Money for Camp Store
Optional items to consider
Camera and Charging Cables
Fishing pole and tackle
Musical Instrument
Sewing Kit
Hanging lamp (battery)
Hanging fan (battery)
Mosquito netting
Folding Chair
Board/Card Games

**needed for Swimming/Lifesaving Merit Badges (see MB Requirement list)
All classes require each Scout to bring pencil and paper every-day. VERY IMPORTANT!!! BE PREPARED
DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, radios, video games, iPad, iTouch, axes, saws, sheath knives, weapons, bows, pets, matches
All food and snacks must be stored in the troop trailer overnight and when away from camp.  Packing food in gear bag in tent will only invite unwanted guests…. Raccoons love to rummage for treats at all hours.

Jose Estrada,
Jun 3, 2016, 9:27 AM