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Scout Shop Information

What you need to purchase from the Scout Shop.
• Centennial Boy Scout Short Sleeve Shirt • Centennial Boy Scout Pants
• World Crest Emblem• Centennial Boy Scout Shoulder Loops
• Centennial Merit Badge Sash• Centennial Boy Scout Web Belt • Westark Area Council Patch • Centennial Unit Numerals – 4, 5,0
Boy Scout Handbook (coil bound preferred)Scouting Ranks and Advancement

All Scouts are required to wear an Official Scout uniform to Troop Meetings the Official Scout uniform consists of official scout long or short sleeve scout shirt, official scout long pants or shorts with belt, official scout socks and neckerchief and slide. The merit badge sash is optional and generally worn at dress uniform events like court of honor, appearing in public as an official representative of scouting, or appearing at a Board of Review. If you are a member of the Order of the Arrow, the OA sash is worn in place of the merit badge sash and is worn at official OA events. If you need an Official Scout Uniform you are encouraged to check our used uniform collection. Uniforms in the used collection are free. We also encourage you to donate any used uniforms you no longer have a use for.