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Scout Leadership Positions

Troop 450 elections are held approximately every six months and usually about 3 weeks away from Court of Honor. If a
Scout is interested in being a Troop officer, he must have completed Junior Leadership Training and be a First Class
Scout. Scouts in the Troop elect a new Senior Patrol Leader.

The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is the leader of the Troop. He is responsible for the Troop’s overall
operation. With guidance from the Scoutmaster the SPL takes charge of Troop meetings, the Patrol Leader’s Council and
all other Troop activities. All members of the Troop vote by secret ballot to choose their SPL. In Troop 450 Troop officers
have a six month term. The newly elected Senior Patrol Leader then chooses (with approval from Scoutmaster) the

Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders are chosen by the SPL, usually the SPL will pick two assistants. The Assistant
Senior Patrol Leaders help the SPL in all areas of running the Troop including providing training and guidance to the
other Troop officers and taking over for the SPL when he can’t be there.

Troop Guides are usually older scouts above the rank of First Class. These scouts are mentors to the younger
scouts in the Troop and work very closely with the Troop’s new scout patrol to teach them fundamental scouting skills.
The SPL will appoint as many Troop Guides as needed.

Troop Quartermaster keeps an inventory of Troop equipment and makes sure equipment is in good working
order. He works with the Patrol Quartermasters to check out Troop equipment for campouts.

Troop Scribe keeps minutes of the patrol leader’s council but is not a voting member of the PLC. The scribe
works with Patrol Scribes to keep attendance at Troop activities.

Troop Librarian oversees care and use of the Troop’s merit badge pamphlets and other books. He may also
suggest purchases of new publications.

Troop Historian collects and preserves Troop photographs, newspaper articles, awards and other

Troop Instructors are usually older scouts who work as mentors teaching scouting skills to the rest of the
Troop. The SPL can appoint more than one instructor if he wants.

Troop Chaplain Aide assists the Troop Chaplain (an Adult leader) in conducting the Troop religious functions.

Troop Den Chief works with a Cub Scout Den and their adult leader. He assists with den meetings, encourages
Cub Scout advancement, and serves as a role model for younger boys.

Troop Order of the Arrow Representative serves as a link between the Troop and our local Order of the
Arrow Chapter.